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Signature TECHNICAir® Adds Pro Line Fusion to Product Offerings

Mar 1, 2016

Signature TECHNICAir® is proud to announce that it adds Rockwell Collins’ Pro Line II to Pro Line Fusion® upgrade for King Air 350 to its product offerings.

Signature TECHNICAir® Winston-Salem and Rockwell Collins worked together to achieve the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) supplemental type certificate (STC) for Rockwell’s Pro Line II to Pro Line Fusion® avionics upgrade for King Air 350 turboprops.

The upgrade transforms older, cathode ray tube (CRT)-equipped flight decks with the largest primary widescreen flight displays available and revolutionary icon-based, touchscreen technology like that found on a new-production King Air. Included features are:

 A fully loaded package of baseline equipment for operation in modernizing global airspace: DO-260B compliant ADS-B, SBAS-capable GNSS, localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches, radius-to-fix (RF) legs and more
 Three 14.1-inch widescreen LCDs with advanced graphics, configurable windows, and touchscreen or point-and-click navigation
 Market-leading high-resolution synthetic vision as a standard feature, including Rockwell Collins’ patented airport dome, and extended runway centerlines with mile markers to better orient the pilot from top of descent through final approach
 Touch-interactive maps with eyes-forward flight planning, high-resolution topography, real-time onboard weather radar overlays, obstacles, and special-use airspace and search patterns for expanded situational awareness and reduced workload
 Geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display own-ship aircraft position for enhanced situational awareness during approaches
 Easy and fast database updates using a standard USB drive port on the front of the displays

 “We’re excited to now offer this extraordinary upgrade for legacy King Air 350 flight decks,” said Skip Madsen, Vice President, Landmark Aviation MRO. “Having completed the certification work with Rockwell Collins, we know this upgrade inside and out, and look forward to working with customers to make this new modern flight deck a reality for them.”