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Signature Reduces International Wait Times with In-FBO Customs Clearance in Central America and the Caribbean

Oct 11, 2017
Signature Flight Support, in partnership with local customs authorities, has introduced passport control facilities within its Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama (PTY/MPTO) and Piarco Int’l Airport in Trinidad (POS/TTPP). Passengers and flight crews will now experience expedited entry into their country of arrival, bypassing commercial service infrastructure and ensuring rapid transfer to their next mode of transportation.

At Tocumen International Airport, arriving aircraft are parked in close proximity to the entry doors of the FBO terminal and are expeditiously greeted by a dedicated immigration official who will complete the necessary documentation, conduct a brief screening of traveler luggage, and facilitate entry into Panama. Passengers can expect to clear customs in approximately 10 minutes, saving considerable time in a process that previously took 45 minutes.

Similarly, visitors to Piarco International Airport arrive at the Signature ramp and are directed to a VIP lounge within the private aviation South Terminal. Trinidadian Customs and Immigration representatives conveniently conduct any necessary screenings from the comfort of the lounge, with traveler entry typically conducted within 15 minutes.

Maria Sastre, President and Chief Operating Officer of Signature Flight Support, noted, “These new initiatives represent an extraordinary collaboration between local customs and immigration organizations and Signature Flight Support. We have found our partners in Panama and Trinidad to be particularly receptive to the needs of business aviation travelers and visiting flight crews, and are excited to continue finding new and innovative ways to respond to and support our customer’s needs when flying privately.”

These upgraded services are now active and available for immediate use by crews and passengers.