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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Signature Renew is making it easy to fly sustainably

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Signature Renew

Signature Renew – our company-wide global sustainability initiative – is invigorating business aviation’s journey towards net-zero carbon emissions.

Signature Renew is ambitiously setting concrete objectives as business aviation begins to tackle climate change. We’ve become the first FBO worldwide to offer permanent supplies of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and are aggressively expanding availability to an airport near you.

Download our Operator Toolkit

Keeping track of your aircraft emissions doesn’t have to be difficult. Our free Operator Sustainability Toolkit gives your flight department the basics to start counting your aircraft’s carbon emissions.

Operator toolkit

The Operator Toolkit includes:

  • Per trip CO2 calculator
  • Convenient conversion tools
  • Configurable CO2 emissions reports
  • Flight department policy templates

Get access to our free Operator Sustainability Toolkit immediately

Sustainably Soar with Signature Renew

Sustainability is no longer an afterthought. It’s an imperative. Let Signature help achieve your sustainability and corporate environmental goals with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Book & Claim (B&C). 

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is jet fuel that performs identically to traditional Jet A but is derived from renewable and sustainable feedstocks. Currently, Signature Renew SAF generates up to 25% fewer CO2 emissions than standard fuels - making it business aviation’s most effective tool in combating climate change.

SAF is constantly improving with new feedstocks and blends, and with the number of flights forecasted to double by 2050, it’s imperative we act now to reduce our industry’s environmental impact. SAF is the easiest, most impactful way to reduce aircraft carbon emissions, starting today.

What is your contribution to global CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions are invisible, but their impact is everywhere. Use our carbon calculator to estimate your aircraft’s CO2 output in tonnes to understand the scale of your contribution to climate change.

Ready to tackle climate change on behalf of your business or flight department? Get in touch to understand Signature's solutions.

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{{ co2Output.toLocaleString() }} metric tonnes of carbon dioxide

{{ vehiclesDriven }}

Passenger vehicles driven for one year

Passenger vehicle

{{ smartphonesCharged }}

Number of smartphones charged


{{ seedlingsGrown }}

Tree seedlings grown for 10 years


{{ forestAcres }}

Acres of U.S. forest in one year

Globe and leaf
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A fuel uplift of Signature Renew SAF would have reduced your CO2 output by:

{{ reducedCO2.toLocaleString() }} metric tonnes

Where can I get SAF?

SAF can be purchased at several locations throughout the Signature network. Is your destination not on the list? Reduce your carbon emissions anywhere with the power of SAF through our Book & Claim program.


Book & Claim

SAF availability is growing, but the industry is years away from fully replacing traditional Jet A fuel. With Signature Renew Book & Claim, you can effectively purchase the CO2 reduction of SAF for any flight at any airport.

Signature Renew Book & Claim is designed to be an easy and fast way to reduce your carbon footprint by simply purchasing CO2 reduction from our available inventory.

Book & Claim works similarly to carbon offsets in that your aircraft’s carbon emissions are repaired via carbon reduction projects. However, the advantage of Book & Claim is that your investment in CO2 reduction is helping expand the supply of sustainable jet fuel for private aviation. The end result is identical to a live gallon of SAF — reduced CO2 in the atmosphere.

Planes and arrows in a circle

Our sales team will help you understand your environmental impact

Fuel barrels

Signature helps you design the right level of Book & Claim CO2 reduction for your needs


You'll receive a report verifying your accredited carbon reduction

Get credit for up to a



in carbon emissions

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Verified environmental benefits

Corporations, passengers, and operators alike are looking to reduce their environmental impact and fly with net-zero emissions. The world’s largest FBO network is making it happen.

Carbon reduction via Book & Claim is carefully tracked by Signature, allowing you and your stakeholders to confidently measure and manage your CO2 output.

We’ve removed tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere - will your aircraft be next?